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Alzheimer’s Care Secrets

Alzheimer's Care Secrets

“The Indispensable Alzheimer’s Resource Kit”

  • Caregiving Secrets
  • Financial Answers
  • Legal Guidance
  • Assistance for Any Stage of Alzheimer’s and Dementia


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Cut Nursing Home Costs

Cut Nursing Home Costs

“Don’t Go Broke in a Nursing Home!”

  • Find the Right Nursing Home
  • Get Quality Care
  • Pay for it Without Going Broke


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"Hidden" VA Benefit Revealed

"Hidden" VA Benefit Revealed

“Secret Dollars: Hidden VA Benefit Revealed”

  • VA Benefit of Up to $2,019/Month
  • Available to Vets and Spouses
  • Income and Qualification Guidelines Revealed


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Find the Right Care Facility

Kansas City Nursing Home Guide

“The Kansas and Missouri Nursing Home & Assisted Living Guide”

  • Comprehensive Listing of Facilities
  • Nursing Home Evaluation Form
  • Pay for Care Without Going Broke


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Hospice Care Answers

Kansas City Hospice Care Answers

The Kansas and Missouri Guide to Hospice Care

  • Protect Family Home & Assets
  • Secrets to Avoiding Probate
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


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Do You Have a Loved One with Memory Problems,
Mobility Issues, or Chronic Health Care Needs?

Did you promise to care for them, no matter what… and you’re feeling exhausted, over-worked, and overwhelmed by hard decisions and responsibilities that all seem to rest on you?

Are you worried about how in the world to pay for the care they need without losing everything?

I know exactly how you feel… and there is help available.

Did you know that your loved one may qualify for benefits to pay for care?

What’s more, did you know there are resources available that may allow your loved one to stay at home longer?

If you no longer know where to turn to ease the burden,
The Elder and Disability Law Firm can help.

We’re here to be a trusted guide along The Elder Care Journey ©.  Hundreds of Kansas and Missouri families have turned to us when they’re dealing with the endless red tape of applying for benefits to pay for care, or safeguarding loved ones so they don’t end up out of money and out of options.

I’m Elder Law Attorney Bill Hammond, and for me, elder law is a very personal mission.

While every family’s situation is different, the emotions that go along with having an aging and ill parent are universal. My wife Mary and I cared for her mother while raising five children, so we understand the burden you carry. It’s a challenge.


At The Elder and Disability Law Firm, my staff and I strive to help families find solutions for their legal and financial frustrations, as well as find support and services to aid them.

I feel that the practice of elder law, when done right, is about 50% legal work and 50% social work… we’re here to help you find all the resources you need.

If your loved one is beginning to have memory or mobility issues, it is likely the right time to start planning.  The earlier you begin, the more options you may have.

However, if your family is in crisis, the time to call is now. It’s not too late!

You may have been told by a case worker or a well-meaning friend that there’s nothing you can do but let your loved one lose all their hard-earned savings to chronic healthcare needs.  That’s often not the case.

We work hard to employ honest, legal solutions so that your loved one can live with dignity, no matter what stage of life and health they’re in.

Whether it’s Alzheimer’s or dementia, Parkinson’s, ALS, MS, the aftereffects of a stroke, or a host of other issues your loved one may have, we’re here to provide peace of mind and offer solutions for care.

Most people think that you just need to plan for what happens when you die.  And it’s a very good thing to plan for what happens with your assets when you die.

But if you’re dealing with a parent or loved one who’s ill and needs additional care, you know that we all need to plan for what happens if we don’t die, but instead become sick or disabled along the way.

There are options.  Maybe your loved one needs additional help to stay at home longer.  We can help with that.

If it’s planning for an assisted living or nursing home stay, we can help you with that as well.  What’s more, in many cases, there is help to pay for nursing care… if you know how and where to apply.

Or, if there’s nothing you need to do right now, we’ll tell you that, too.

Give us a call to find out what steps you may be able to take, right now, to safely navigate the confusing, and sometimes treacherous, path of the elder care journey.

Your first consultation is absolutely free.  Find out what solutions can help make your life easier, today.

You don’t need to walk this path alone.

We’ve been there before, and we can show you the safest passage.


William G. Hammond

William G. Hammond
Attorney at Law

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